The Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia Pacific (ASA), formerly known as The Association of Secretaries in Asia (ASA), was founded in 1974 in Manila by Mrs. Virginia P. Elbinias, then incumbent President of the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Inc. (PAS) to provide an opportunity for secretaries in and around Asia to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

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Category of Membership



Those national organizations of secretarial and administrative professionals legally incorporated and recognized by their own government. It must be situated within the geographical area of Asia Pacific. Each country shall be restricted to only one regular membership.


Regular members will be required to pay an entrance fee of U$200 and annual membership fee of U$150. However, ASA Council reserves absolute right on acceptance/termination/suspension of such membership at its discretion at any time.



Those professional organizations with similar objectives and activities related to the office and administrative profession, recognized by their respective governments legally.


An entrance fee of U$200 and annual membership fee of U$250 will be assessed. The ASA Council reserves the same right as in the case of regular membership.


The affiliate members are welcome to participate in ASA Congress functions but shall have no say on ASA affairs and carry no voting power, and will also not be eligible to attend the Council of Presidents meeting.