The Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia Pacific (ASA), formerly known as The Association of Secretaries in Asia (ASA), was founded in 1974 in Manila by Mrs. Virginia P. Elbinias, then incumbent President of the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Inc. (PAS) to provide an opportunity for secretaries in and around Asia to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

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Code of Professional Ethics


  1. Acts both loyally and honestly in carrying out the lawful Rules and Regulation of the Association and not undermine its image or reputation.
  2. Maintains at all times the highest standards of personal integrity and conduct in a performance of their professional duties.
  3. Accept responsibility for their own work and that of their subordinates.
  4. Acquaints and constantly familiarizes themselves with new secretarial and administrative management knowledge, skills and practices, and seeks to promote the increase of competence and the understanding of the secretarial and administrative profession by encouraging the exchange of information.
  5. Promotes effective communications within the organization and where appropriate, outside it.
  6. Fully respects the confidentiality of information which comes to them in the course of their duties and not uses confidential information for personal gain or in a manner which may be detrimental to the organization for which they work or has worked.
  7. Does not make any public statements in their capacity as a professional secretary or administrative professional without making clear, appropriate, to all concerned, their qualification to such statements and the capacity in which they are speaking.
  8. Take account of the needs and problems of their subordinates and by leadership set by example.
  9. No member shall belittle or injure the professional standing of any member of the profession or unnecessarily condemn the character of their professional acts.