The Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia Pacific (ASA), formerly known as The Association of Secretaries in Asia (ASA), was founded in 1974 in Manila by Mrs. Virginia P. Elbinias, then incumbent President of the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Inc. (PAS) to provide an opportunity for secretaries in and around Asia to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

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The ASA Professional Award

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In 1992 the ASA Professional Secretary Award, a brainchild of Singapore Association of Administrative Professionals (SAAP), was introduced. It was given to the ASA member country participant who surpassed the grueling panel and stage interviews and adjudged the best among the contestants. This was later replaced by a more challenging, relevant, and innovative ASA Project Award introduced in 2012 that provided the stimulus for every member association to compete amongst themselves in a friendly and lively atmosphere of ASA.


The ASA Project Award was initiated by The Women’s Secretaries & Administrative Professionals Association of Thailand (WSAT) during the 21st ASA Congress in Bangladesh and implemented in the following ASA Congress held in Pakistan in 2014. The award has for its key objective the fostering of esprit-de-corp and camaraderie among members, i.e., strengthening team relations, encouraging a healthy sharing and exchange of new and innovative ideas, and inspiring and cultivating the interests and involvement of association members to contribute part of their time, energy, talent and other resources to help uplift the lives and morale of other people.


The award is given to the ASA member-association who has initiated a project that benefited a community through civic activities and social services rendered to its people or an undertaking that promotes the enhancement and growth of the Administrative Professionals. The host country at the time the ASA Congress is held creates an ASA Project Award Committee that screens all the entries submitted. The selected entries are subjected to review and deliberation by a panel of judges who finally decides on the ultimate winner of the award.